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Arrested Development Will Go On

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Buster Bluth Arrested DevelopmentFor those of you who were wondering if the series would be continuing after their fourth season, series Creator Mitch Hurwitz gives you the answer you’re looking for.

After a lukewarm reception from the uber-fans of the show on Netflix a few months ago (they’re fucking bonkers because I thought it was excellent), many in the community were wondering if there might be anything after the last season.

The main source of worry came from the seemingly bleak message from Netflix nutbag-in-chief Reed Hastings who said back in February that Arrested Development was a fantastic one-off and that a fifth season wasn’t “in the cards”.

Funny how after three Emmy nominations bleak turns into “Definitely,” according to Hurwitz.

That emphatic answer about the show’s future came amid news that the show could continue in the form of a movie, a fifth season, or both really as Hurwitz was talking during a Q&A at the Just for Laughs comedy conference in Montreal recently.

I for one am happy to get anything associated with Arrested Development.

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