Alan Smithee

Another Fine Example of Wii Games – We Cheer 2

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Haha, I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that there’s a cheerleading game on the Wii, or the fact that it now has a sequel coming out.

I mean, holy crap. If there ever was evidence that the Wii is definitely not the platform for me…it’s gotta be with this sign of the apocalypse. I’m wondering when the bug infestations and all the martyrdom will begin. Oh wait I remember playing this game when it was called ParaParaParadise and Samba De Amigo!

Wow, maybe Evan can buy his Wii back and install it into a windowless panel van with ‘free candy’ written on the side of it. I think that’s about the only acceptable use for this game…pedophilia, it’s comedy at it’s best!

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