Alan Smithee

Anonymous Going After Sony

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In only a way that makes the Internet proud, the well meaning and organized hacker group has set its sights on Sony for their constant threats of lawsuits based on intellectual property rights. The straw that finally broke the Anon’s back was Sony’s official action against hackers who cracked the PlayStation 3 wide open.

The group has just recently launched a campaign against Sony due to what they feel are abuses of the judicial system. Considering how Sony can stand to have a long and drawn out court battle against guys like Geohot while they go broke trying to defend themselves, I have to say that I almost agree with them…but in no way do I think that maliciously attacking Sony is the answer.

It just seems that defending what many people see as good hacking with what the law would consider grey or bad hacking, doesn’t seem to send the right message to companies like Sony.

I can’t officially condone what Anonymous is planning on doing or their methods for getting results, but I do find the group fascinating and think it’s interesting that a group of unassociated individuals with tech that’s available anywhere are capable of crippling a giant multinational corporation like Sony.

All I can say to Sony regarding Anon having them in the crosshairs, you’d better beef up security and start making more backups.

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