Ryan Thomason

‘Anonymous’ Cyber Attack on Sony: Update

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We’re coming for you SONY!

Yesterday morning, we posted about the hacker collective Anonymous threatening to attack Sony web servers April 4th, and sure enough Sony.com and Playstation.com were down for the count. But Sony is blaming the outage on “sporadic maintenance.” Sorry, we can see the man behind the curtain Sony.

In a statement and robot-voiced video, Anonymous said Sony “stuck your penises in… a hornet’s nest” by going after the two hackers that broke the PS3 open for owners of the hardware to run their one code on them. Which to my reasoning, is perfectly fine, they paid for the hardware, let them do what they want with it. Wasn’t Saddam trying to make missiles with the PS3 or something? Ok, don’t make missiles guys.

Unlike past, symbolic hack attacks by Anonymous, this one might actually be hitting Sony where it hurts: The PlayStation Network, through which Sony sells games and make actual money, has been suffering outages yesterday. We’ll keep you posted as more news comes out.

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