And the Award for Biggest Disappointment of the Year goes to…Duel the Dragon DLC!…or does it?

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I remember when I was given the press release concerning the release date for Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers expansion.  I lept in the air and clicked my heels together and began to hum a happy little tune to myself.  I began to look through all my old MTG cards and began to fantasize at what cards may appear in the current decks.  I wondered if the Mind of the Void deck would be as good as, if not better than, my personal White/Blue deck.  Would the Cries of Rage deck burn brighter than my best friend’s Red/Green deck (complete with Apocalypse Hydra)?  How much did they alter Tezzeret’s deck and would it be any good?  All these questions and more raced through my mind.  One little problem, a problem ranging in the size of Jupiter.  That problem being a question that rested in many minds.  Is this DLC going to be an entire waste or something to leave fans cheering for more?

If you take a good look, you may just find a hint on how to handle one of the new puzzles...

If you take a good look, you may just find a hint on how to handle one of the new puzzles…

The new cards for the original eight decks are worthless, save for a few exceptions.  The Ears of the Elves deck gets the following:  Elvish Piper (worthless considering the largest creature in the entire deck costs a mere five mana and Elvish Piper costs four mana), Eyes of the Wisent (an enchantment that is only good against decks with blue spells used during your turn and makes 4/4 Elementals), and Talara’s Battalion (the only good card found within the three new unlockables).  Only a few examples actually stand out stating the designers actually took the time to listen to the people’s demands.  The fact that they mainly provided current decks with faster striking power, defense against annoying enchantments and artifacts, and some massive destructive power is a slap to the face.  If you can’t tell, this review,so far, has been doused in sarcasm.

New acheivements for completeing the new puzzles, defeating Nicol Bolas, and having a combined Power of 75 or more awaits you.  A helpful hint, use the Ears of the Elves deck to get that Power of 75 or more achievement.  The puzzles are nothing to sniff at, especially since they require a bit more thought and more than a few simple actions this time around.  No, you won’t get any secrets on how to best each one from me (where’s the fun in reading about how you need help when you are one small step away from finishing the puzzle).

Unless you can’t come up with the mere 400 Microsoft Points, then you don’t have a reason to not download this immediately.  You may not be a big fan of the new decks, especially Mind of the Void since it mainly consists of taking your sweet time and using your opponent’s deck against them.  No matter what, you will find yourself a fan of the new content.  It provides you with countless hours to pick this game up once again, if you were so foolish to stop playing it in the first place.  Once again rejoice, no more rage quits…unless the sore loser takes the time to simply turn off the console.

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