Amazon selling 12 months of Xbox Live Gold and Fable 3 for lovely prices

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First the Ubisoft four game bundle on Steam, now this? It’s like Christmas in video game land… a lame Christmas where you buy your own gifts. Amazon has 12 months of Xbox Live Gold for the reasonable price of $40, which is a complete bummer for me because I just renewed at the full $60 about four days ago. For the rest of you, another year of Live’s features for $20 less is available as we speak.

Amazon is also offering up Fable 3 for $28 for a limited time, so if you have been on the fence about picking it up, now may be a good time. I’ve personally sworn off the series after Fable 2 and promised myself I would never be lured in by Peter Molyneux’s slippery words again. I’m sure there are enough of you out there that will find it decent enough to spend $28 on though, so don’t miss it if that’s your thing.

There’s no word on how long these sales are going on for, so if any of this tickles your fancy, do something about it!

Amazon: Xbox Live Gold deal
Amazon: Fable 3 deal

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