Alan Smithee

Alpha Protocol – “Small World” Trailer

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if she were a true emo spy, she'd be pointing the gun at herself...oh and crying

If there’s one thing that pisses guys like me off, especially retrotards in general, is if you piss all over a game prior to its launch only because “the graphx suxors”…as if there’s a quantifiable amount of detail that a game has to have before it’s considered a contender. Go back and play Atari 2600 games or NES games and get back to me on graphics.

Anyways, endrant there guys…sorry I just hate how people put down a game that seems interesting like Alpha Protocol does in its Action Espionage RPG own way. The game comes out on a wide release this June 1st and looks like it could be some serious fun. Crom knows Sega needs all the help it can get.

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