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All Your Nintendo Direct Information is Here!

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We slept through it!

Just because we were too tired to catch the plethora of announcements in today’s Nintendo Direct conference, doesn’t mean you need to suffer for it. Here are the highlights of what Nintendo had to say:

MiiVerse is Improving

The MiiVerse experience will be improving sometime this year. Upcoming changes include the ability to access MiiVerse through your smartphone, user-created communities, improved filtering, and a much smoother experience.

Improved WiiU loading times

Through upcoming system updates, you should be able to notice a considerable increase in application access times.

Virtual Console is Coming to WiiU

In Spring, WiiU will begin rolling out the Virtual Console, slowly but surely. The first wave of Virtual Console titles will all be NES and Super Nintendo. Currently, you can get heavily discounted Virtual Console titles via the Trial Campaign (read: beta test), with one game each month for only 30 cents. Balloon Fight is January’s title.

Smash Bros., Mario Kart, and a 3D Mario game, and Zelda are all coming to the WiiU

…but you knew that would happen already.

New Yoshi-centric game…with yarn!

Wind Waker remake is coming this Fall

Whoa! This was easily the biggest surprise of the entire conference. I’ll let Mr. Aonuma explain the details:

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