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All Hail the GabeCube

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Gabe Newell, the plush faced head of Valve and personal lord and savior for many of the WPR staff has announced that the once thought vaporware Steambox is reality and has given some details.

The Verge scored an exclusive interview with our world’s version of Scrooge McDuck and managed to squeeze some rather juicy tidbits of information from Mr. Newell.

The box will be a game server

This means that you only need one game box for all of the televisions in your house! Think of it, you get tired of playing Braid on the main TV of the house and feel like going to bed but before you hit the sack you decide that you want to run around Pandora gaining that next level in Borderlands. No longer do you need to move the game to a new room, no discs to fumble with, just grab that controller for that TV and get to playing!

I’m genuinely excited for the guys at Valve to step up and try to be one of the big boys when it comes to making the PC the centerpiece of entertainment in the home. Microsoft has been slowly doing the same with the Xbox 360, but the fact that they remain a closed ecosystem is going to hamper their efforts, which brings up another point.

The box will be Linux based, but won’t be tied to just THAT OS…meaning that if you wanted to, you could easily install a copy of Windows and use that as the OS, hell if you had the patience, you could probably find a way of making it a hackintosh, but nobody REALLY wants to do that do they?

Since Steam has been released on Linux, Windows, and OS X there really is no bottleneck of where you can find software…however which OS you want to use will rely heavily on how much you’re willing to pay for your ‘console’.

Gabe has gone so far to say that he fully expects the entry-level Linux based box to cost approximately $99 and he says that the price will come down from there. The fair-to-middlin’ version of the hardware will run you about $300 and with the high end costing as much as you’re willing to pay since the console will be based on regular PC architecture.

This is an awesome time to be a tech and game geek as we see the death of the console markets and PC taking over…you know, like it always should have been. Right?

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