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Ahead of Thundercats Reboot, The Original Series comes to DVD

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ThunderCats, Ho! If you grew up in the 80’s you probably watched this, with all the snarf snarfness. We’ve been telling you all about the reboot, but now is your chance to catch the originals thanks to Warner Home Video. Come July 12th you’ll be able to buy Season 1 Part 1 (first 12 episodes) on 2 disk collections edition DVD for $19.97, no word yet on the Blu-ray editions. The thing that got me REALLY curious is the special featurette entitled “Feel
the Magic, Hear the Roar,” where fans speak out about their passion for the classic animated series. I’m just hoping that little thing is going to be as awesome to watch and giggle about as it seems. As a guy who had the ThunderCats Lunch box, I can’t really tell you how much I loved this series as a kid, Snarf didn’t even annoy me. Though, I’m glad they’ve muted him in the reboot series. I know that there are some of you out there who had the cheap sword too and pretended to be Lion-O and do the whole speech thing. If you REALLY want to feel old though, it’s been almost 25 years since the series first came out on TV. So yeah, for those of us that watched them we can feel like really old farts now.

Here are the first 12 episodes in case you wanted to check for references:


Disc 1

  • Exodus
  • The Unholy Alliance
  • Berbils
  • The Slaves of Castle Plun-darr
  • Pumma-Ra
  • The Terror of Hammerhand

Disc 2

  • Trouble with Time
  • The Tower of Traps
  • The Garden of Delights
  • Mandora the Evil Chaser
  • The Ghost Warrior
  • The Doomgaze

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