My Adventures at GeekGirlCon 2013! Real Geek Girls, Seriously!!!

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When it comes to the world of geek, guys lead the way, right?


Enter GeekGirlCon…

I can’t think of anything more fun than spending the weekend in Seattle at a convention that supports the female geek.

This is GeekGirlCon’s third year running and it hardly seems like they are fresh out of the gate. I had two days to experience everything that is geek AND girl and I couldn’t have felt any more at home! Being female in a male dominant world can be fairly challenging at times. Whether it is in the work place or home, women have been under appreciated and disrespected for far too long.

Attending GeekGirlCon gave me a feeling of empowerment, a feeling of respect for my contributions, and those of other females, to the world of geek. One of the greatest parts of the con was seeing women of all ages coming together to stand up for geek girls everywhere. There were girls as young as 5 getting dressed up as their favorite characters. An immense confidence filled every nook and cranny of the convention center.

The truth is, this isn’t something new. Woman have been working their way up the ladder for decades to reach an equal playing field…often times even super ceding their male counterparts.

-In a survey of Star Trek fans, 57 percent of respondents identified as female
-There are roughly 130 million women playing online PC games worldwide and 140 million men
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I was recently asked to take a survey about GeekGirlCon after attending. I was asked what could be done to make it better and I really have little complaints. The venue was in a great location, parking was ample and the overall organization of the event was impeccable. So, what is it? From a visitor standpoint it would be that they add more vendors. I know you have to have vendors wanting to table in order to get vendors tabling but the turnout seemed small. I cannot complain however about the variety of goods available for purchase, even if the vendor roster was limited. Stay tuned for my vendor spotlight and panel articles!

Overall, I had an AWESOME time at GeekGirlCon. I would recommend this con to girls and guys alike, young or old. Tickets sold out this year and are now available for GeekGirlCon 2014. Don’t forget to wear your costume!

Were you unable to attend? Check out our Facebook album here and live vicariously through us!

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