Ryan Thomason

Adventure Time: Who Would Win? TV Review

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Finn and Jake do what brothers do best, beat each other up and fight dirty.

I’ll admit I had a smirk on my face during the whole Finn and Jake fight sequence, but that’s getting ahead of myself.

Finn and Jake start watching a fight between warriors and a Legendary fighter known as The Farm, which is a large barn with appendages and a head that flops over nice it has no neck muscles. The Farm is beating up everyone that takes him on, even a warrior known as Train who after getting beat up so bad his legs are broken, says he’ll just get bionic ones.

So Math.

Finn and Jake decide to do some training before fighting The farm, and well, it goes with Finn trying and Jake…trying to maintain his 3rd highest ranking in the Candy Kingdom in Komfys Castle. So, they fight, and fight, and just beat each other up pretty good. The reason why I couldn’t stop grinning was because it just had a semblance to when my brother and I would go head to head, lots of cheap shots, dumb name calling, and someone getting pantsed. Oh, and someone putting their butt on the other during the fight, that always happens, just remember, No Biting.

The moral of the story? If you want to beat The Farm, have a good nap after getting obliterated in a fight with your bro, use cheap shots and bite him in the butt. You’ll get a medal with a number one on it. *tink*

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