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Adventure Time: Vault of Bones, Review

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Finn wants to teach Fire Princess how to be chill and like, be not evil and stuff. So, they go dungeon crawling!
Title Card Vault of Bones

Ah, young love, watching Finn and Fire Princess just giggling at each other while they play cards, Jake boiling some tea, trying to ignore them. When all of a sudden, Fire King comes through the fire that is boiling the teapot and whispers “evil, evil, evil” over and over to Fire Princess. He leaves when he notices she has guests, but Finn can’t help asking why Fire King keeps doing that. So to teach Fire Princess how to relax in the best way possible, Dungeon Crawl!

S5_e12_Finn_and_Flame_Princess_running_into_a_dungeonApparently, finding a dungeon isn’t as easy as you’d think. It involves pulling, poking and touching everything outside until you find a secret lever. Thankfully, FP can use a spell to sense heat, she finds a tree nearby that isn’t a tree, it’s got a lever to a dungeon, that turns a rock into a skull face. They don’t care, and go diving right in. I liked the part how Finn grabs a torch and asks FP to light it. She tells him he doesn’t need it because, duh, she’s made of fire. Finn hesitates and since he can’t not have a torch, say’s he’ll use it anyways.

In their first encounter with a dungeon monster, FP wants to burn it. But, Finn has other plans, plus, it might have loot on it that would burn up if they turned the skeleton to cinders. Instead Finn, intimidates the skeleton into submission, makes it do the splits, and give up it’s goods. I couldn’t stop smiling at this, it was pretty damn funny. The skeleton now in absolute fear of Finn spills the beans about a treasure chest in the corner, but the key is somewhere in the dungeon.
Do the splits

The rest of the episode is Finn and FP finding that point in their relationship where they not only can trust each other, but find ways to make the other happy even if it’s not as fun for them. It’s nice to see Finn and FP being boyfriend and girlfriend, though, I’m wondering what’s going to happen if they have an eventual breakup. Since all young love typically ends in broken hearts. Speaking of. What the Glob was with what they found in the treasure chest at the very end?

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