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Adventure Time – Title cards book is MATHEMATICAL

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Ah, the first thing you see at the start of every episode is a beautifully done Title Card that it typically has nothing to really do with the episode. When I last talked to Adventure Time background artist Derek Hunter, he said that typically the storyboard artist gets dibs on the Titlecard. These are pretty much some of my favorite parts of every episode. Even though they flash for only a second on screen. I love looking over the artwork after the fact, or when the Adventure Time staff posts them on their Tumblr.

With this Adventure Time title card book for seasons one and two. You get a little bit of insight about what went into the creation of that card. They are not very in depth, but if you are just looking for that extra little bit of Adventure Time knowledge this is a great book.

My favorite thing about the book is just looking at all the cards in paper form. I’ve only seen a digital copy of everything for so long, I forgot how nice it is to see them more physically. I don’t know, maybe I’m just too gooey on the insides with feels for this show. In a way, it’s looking at things from more of an artistic side and not from the “Oh, this episode is going to be cray cray banana butts.”

Not that I say that…often. This show has ruined my verbiage.

The Adventure Time Title Card artbook is available now on Amazon: Adventure Time: The Original Cartoon Title Cards (Vol 1).

I’d suggest you pick it up and gaze at the beautiful pages, smell it while that new book smell lasts and find a proper place on your table for quick browsing.

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