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Adventure Time ‘The Monster’ – Mini Review

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Oh my glob guys, you are so dramatic.

I don’t know why, but sometimes I have a love/hate relationship with the Lumpy Space Princess character. This is one of the times where I tolerated her for the episode.

Jake and Finn get a call from Lumpy Space where LSP parents ask them to find the princess and bring her some sandwiches, so she’ll come home. While searching for her they find a whole group of little green people villagers that are having their crops raided and eaten by a monster.

Guess who is the monster.


Though that’s only part of the story, the rest was LSP retelling the story of how she came to live in a windmill next to the village and go out and eat their crops when she got hungry. Well mostly because the pack of wolves that had saved her initially and she talked to them. They were real wolves though, she just understood their body language. Then the drama happened, where one wolf was apparently cheating on the other, it was just weird but still very true to the character and funny.

This episode wasn’t anything special really, it was entertaining, and that’s really the only reason to watch the show.

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