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Adventure Time ‘The Creeps’ – Mini Review

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Oh my GLOB you guys, I hate my DVR so much! Tonight, I realized that since the Fiona and Cake Episode, my DVR hasn’t been recording Adventure Time. Me, being silly, thought that maybe they were taking a mini break on new episodes because of how awesome Fiona and Cake was. I was so wrong that I punched an Evil Witch, killed some bad guys and accidentally ate Cinnamon Bun.

That was my lame attempt to tie into the newest episode The Creeps, which aired tonight (October 17th) We got a straight up MURDER MYSTERY on our hands, in a creepy castle…with masks! Fake Names! Ghosts! …..Beemo!

Who did the ghost possess and proceed to go on a murderous rampage? Well, you should probably watch the damn show. Finn and Jake headed to a castle for a party they were invited to by an unknown host. Outside the door is a box of disguises for them to wear. When they head inside they find Princess Bubblegum, Lumpy Space Princess, Cinnamon Bun, and Beemo inside. Shenanigans ensue from there, and it’s worth the watch.

At first I never really liked Lumpy Space Princess (LSP) but damn, I can’t not like the character now. Especially after she uses bathroom, complains how she’s too hollow now and needs to eat.

I loved it. My DVR and I are going to have to have a word in private, because I’m going to have to give it a beat down for making me miss so much of my Adventure Time. Don’t expect me to miss any more episodes from here on out.

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