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Adventure Time: Marcelines Closet – Mini Review

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Balloons are instruments of the future, and Finn see’s a side of Marceline that he’ll never be able to forget. Ever.

Jake and Finn are heading to a Jam Session at Marcelines, and well, Finn is going to play his red balloon because it’s the instrument of the future. His little song was just as memorable and I saw my kids bopping along to it.

Shake your extremities
Shake your extremities
All your arms and knees
I want’em, shake em’, baby please

Baby shake your eyes for me-
shake your eyes for me
shake your eyes for me
Shake your eyes for freeee

Now make some bills
Make a fills
Make a mill
Quack me up with some yokes
I like girls who know the ropes
I like girls who can cope with-
the futuristic sound…of balloon music.

Turns out, Marceline isn’t there and thus leading to many things that this episode had that made me grin the whole damn time. Which are, but not limited to, hiding in a closet the whole damn time while Marceline was there, white spider, paper airplane making eggs, Finn accidentally seeing Marceline undress, Jake performing the best of his body morphing abilities yet and Boogers.

I say it every time, but f’ing hell, I love this show, watch this episode now, learn the song, sing it to your friends and shake your booty. Also, in the picture centered above, you’ll notice the snail for this episode. In case you haven’t heard of the game, there is the snail in every single episode, it’s something to find while your watching.

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