Ryan Thomason

Adventure Time: Gotcha! Mini-Review

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Usually I lean toward the main characters (Finn and Jake) as my favorites, then Lumpy Space Princess has to go out and write a tell all book about how she’s so lumping hot. Girl, you won’t believe how great this episode was.

First off, Finn, Jake and BMO playing Bocce Ball? My all time favorite summer game to play with friends/family? BMO made a bet with Jake that if he won Jake had to call him “Sensei” for a month. I squeed. Hard. (Jake lost the bet) During the Bocce ball game, Turtle Princess flies on a hovercraft to meet Lumpy Space Princess at her home in the woods. She finds Lumpy Space Princess fending off “boys” (in this case, ants and fleas) and thinks she’s so attractive because of her lumps. Now, this is the world of Ooo, anything is possible, but I’m pretty sure all the ants, fleas, snakes, and vulture didn’t have names until LSP started dispensing them with male names. But, LSP is hawt so, I’ll give her the benefit of a doubt.

So, she goes undercover, by putting on a plastic garbage bag and smearing fruit pie filling or something on her lips. Jake and Finn see through the charade, but LSP continues on like she’s the master of disguise trying to seduce Finn with her lumps. How does she think she can get inside? Well she takes Finn and Jake’s Adventure’s Secretary job opening and produces a handmade sign as “proof”. Confused, they think LSP has lost it, and just play along.

My favorite part of the episode though was when Finn and Jake gathered rocks to use for their next adventure that had been given to them by Princess Bubblegum, I don’t want to spoil too much like I typically end up doing, but…LSP tries seducing Finn by taking off the garbage bag, gets trapped in a portal, shadow finns with long hair and no shirts are fought, and evil magic mirrors are broken. After Jake and Finn rescue LSP, Lumpy Space Princess replies that the shadow Finns came because of her beautiful lumps but Finn insists that what really matters is what is on the inside, “such as your brains and stuff.” This makes for a dramatic LSP finding that inside lumps are hot, and therefor Finn is hot. just…watch the damn episode.


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