Ryan Thomason

Adventure Time Goes KaBOOM!

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What am I talking about for this All-Ages show? Why our favorite comic book publisher and first big supporters of WPR, Boom! Studios have snagged Adventure Time for their kid’s line of comics and will be bringing us monthly issues in the world of Ooo!

See, another reason to have kids, you won’t feel bad at all when you put this comic in your hold, since it’s for them (You). It looks like the first issue features a story written by Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics Webcomic) and drawn by Shelli Paroline (ICE AGE: ICED IN and MUPPET SNOW WHITE ).

I have nothing but tons of love for this show that Pendleton Ward has created and breathed such love and admiration into kids, teenagers, 20-somethings and hell nearly every age group (just look on the internet). If there is one thing that Adventure Time is, it’s Fun and who doesn’t like to have fun? Hell, Ice King has fun! Now, lets get Mathmatical and watch some Adventure Time while we wait for February and the first issue of this new comic series to come out!

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