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Adventure Time: Five Short Graybles Mini Review

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Guess the theme of the 5 stories woven into this episode! Well, not themes, Graybles, I forget what the weird ass dude that was sitting by what looked like warming crystals. He tells us the viewer that we need to figure out the theme and shows us little pictures of our favorite characters in a tiny triangle crystal…thing. And the episode begins. Oh, by the way, this whole post is laden with spoilers, overflowing spoilers of spoiling spoils. Spoiler Alert, +1.

BMO! Wait, I just noticed Jake and fin have giant piles of treasure in that front room, why are they stockpiling? Ok, focus, episode theme, episode theme… Bmo talks to himself in the mirror, pretends to be alive, brushes teeth, uses soap, pretends to use the bathroom pouring water in while he sits. It’s all incredibly odd, and…weird. Jake and Finn watch him through the window, confirming for Finn that BMO does weird stuff when nobody is looking. Then Jake and Finn high five. Weakly. Thus ensuing a high fiving power-lust that includes from a distance running at each other to make for harder high fives. They do the ultimate high five ever launching through the air and over a crazy distance.

We cut to Princess Bubblegum doing SCIENCE! Making…what, starting by putting a cow in a spinning chamber like Astronauts . I nearly lost itwhen the cow got secured in an said “oh man.” What was the purpose of all this amazing SCIENCE! Of making a tomatoe and lettuce, even bread? To make the most perfect sandwhich ever to exit in the universe. So, when she gives it to Cinnamon Bun, who eats it in one bite, not tasting it and then burps chunks all over her was very anticlimactic.

There’s more! Ice King! Gunther is just playing keyboard minding himself, when ice King comes into the room and talks about how smelly it is. He figures it’s Gunther and pushes Gunther out on an iceburg because he stinks. Ice king realizes he’s the one that smells bad, makes penguins bath him, hilariously. It’s funny how he uses them like trash afterwards when he…tosses them in the trash when he’s done. Gunther is back, all wet and mad. The kicker on this one is that while the Ice King is asking why his armpits were so smelly Gunther farts into his armpits.

Is this episode crazy enough for you yet? No?

Lumpy space princess is at a talent show where her lumps song gets stolen right before her act. Everyone calls her a rip off, she throws a ball at the crowd and it hits someone and goes into the basketball net. She does this three more times, scoring three more baskets. Just as she’s being declared the winner, Jake and Fin ultimate high five right at the end when them flying through the air. Completing their high five from earlier.

< So, what the HELL did we watch now that it’s over, we’re supposed to guess the theme. The theme was the 5 senses. Bmo saw, Jake and Finn touched, Princess made a tasty sandwich, Ice King smelled, Lumpy heard music See it all made sense (teehee) only in the Land of Ooo.

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