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Adventure Time: Davey, Review

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Who’s Davey? He’s the most normal balding dude in Ooo that just wants to sweep floors and live in a log cabin. Oh, and he’s Finn too.


First, lets start off with how it began. There’s this dragon, and apparently, it likes to eat candy people. Lots of candy people. After swallowing a batch, Finn shouts that he’s “Just in time!” and Jake launches him into the air for a short clip of Finn screaming through the air with his sword held out and he cuts the dragon in half, and like a bunch of peas in a pod, all the candy people were neatly stacked inside the dragon and hopped out. Naturally, to thank Finn, they want to make him dinner, well, one wants to make him dinner every night for a week. This escalates as more of the candy people start fighting over who gets to give him dinner, naturally the cops (holding their arms in the air and running up saying “wee woo, wee woo…” over and over.

Finn_shaving hairThe next day, Finn is bored, he wants to go outside but the candy people just want to admire him and make him dinner (such a hard life being a hero). So, BMO tries to get Finn to play Cops and Robbers with him. I think that BMO is essentially Finn and Jake’s little brother. He’s always around when you’re at home, wants you to constantly play with him, he’s slightly delusional, and well, he’s so darn cute it’s hard to turn him down. That’s BMO.

Instead, Finn willingly cuts his hair to look like some 40 year old that’s going bald, changes his hair color with molasses, and uses some extra cut hair to make a mustache. I chuckled how BMO was crying the whole time, muttering about his gorgeous hair being cut and then holding pieces of hair and crying, calling Finn’s disguise to the devil. But, hey, it’s Davey now (not Satan, thankfully)!
BMO_holding hair
So, what’s Davey like? Well, he’s not Finn for sure, except as one of the candy people said “Oh, I thought you were Finn, on account you’re wearing his exact same clothing.” Davey apparently just likes strutting around the town in Candy Kingdom (even to dead end streets) and sweeping floors for a job. As Jake points out, Finn has brainwashed himself into thinking he’s Davey now. Can Finn pull out of it? Well, you’ll have to watch the whole thing to find out, but you can be a burgler-candy horse’s ass that Davey does trot out into the sunset, maybe with some police not far behind.

From what I hear, this is Adventure Time creator, Pendleton Ward venting a bit about how fame makes you do crazy things when fans just want to surround you (and ask you to dinner it seems) and all you want to do is strut around. Presumably at Comic Con. So, next time you’re at San Diego Comic Con, look for the guy in Pendleton Wards clothing, but is balding and with a mustache trying to blend in with the crowd; yeah, that shouldn’t be hard.

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