Ryan Thomason

Adventure Time: Box Prince – Review

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Hey, that box looks like it has a face on it!

S5_e37_Box_kingThis episode was on the borderline of pure cuteness and pure just, well. I don’t know how to put it, even as the episode is still fresh in my memory.

Basically two things happen 1) Finn finds a cat inside a cardboard box, who takes Finn to a clearing in the woods full of cats in boxes with faces on them being shuffled around cardboard box houses. 2) Jake gets a tortilla chip stuck between his teeth.

Yeah, that is basically the plotline for this whole episode. Obviously, the cats in boxes were the highlight of the episode. Since the Box Prince must face his imposter. How? Cardboard tubes taped to the side of their card board box shells and joust each other. Remember, these are all just cats inside the boxes. Not like, mutant cats that we know of just, regular cats, that somehow got the ability to draw faces on the front of their boxes. Someone must have either smoked some pot or is really, really into cat videos, or Reddit. I’m not sure.

So uh, yeah, besides the episode being completely random, but full of cuteness and Jake trying to find ways to get the tortilla piece out of his teeth, nothing much happened. After so many weeks of Finn relationship feels. We kinda needed a palette cleanser of an episode.

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