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Adventure Time: Beyond This Earthly Realm, Review

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“What do you think, Finn? Can we pull back the veil of static and reach into the source of all being? Behind this curtain of patterns, this random pattern generator, so clever. Right here in every home, watching us from a one-sided mirror.” That’s Deep Ice King. Mostly Meta, but DEEP nonetheless.

While the story of Ice King trying to pan for attention whether it be via Princess’s or making Finn and Jake be his friends as been played out numerous times in various ways on Adventure Time, they somehow manage to not get incredibly repetitive. The story goes that Finn and Jake are searching for mystery caves in some chasm it seems. Well, Finn is more excited to find the cave than Jake, and when they find one that has a Lamb statue on it, Finn is transported to the spirit realm which is essentially the same as the real realm in the world of Ooo, but with spirits everywhere doing weird shit (literally) but Jake can’t see Finn, but Finn can see him.

So, when the Ice King can see Finn with his wizard eyes of course Finn does everything he can to gain Ice Kings favor, which is taking all the spirits out of his house and putting them back into the giant bottle that is below his castle. This is where the weird but just so right artwork that is so Adventure Time comes in. The spirits are running around barfing, pooping heads, and just…yeah, pooping heads, or was it throwing up heads? I dunno, but it’s just the amount of crazy that you’ll find on this show, and dammit I grinned the whole time. So when Ice King reveals that getting Finn trapped was part of his plan the whole time, Finn tries to find a way to get Jake, who’s been careful not to touch the Lamb statue, and has been trying to find ways to free Finn the whole episode with BMO. On the subject of BMO this episode, two things made me laugh pretty damn good. BMO pretending to make farts because Finn thinks it’s funny, and BMO playing Finns favorite song and his face turning into a tape player. I love you BMO.

Also, we get that line I included at the start of this article, good Episode all around, especially as a follow up to Goliad from last week. Plus, Finns hair! I don’t know why it’s so nice to remember he’s human and such, but I get all giddy every time.


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