Activision Fail Watch: Modern Warfare 2 Will Be Priced At £54.99 In The UK

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I remember that about 5-10 years ago, games used to be about £29.99 RRP, maybe £39.99 at a stretch. Then along came the 360 and all of a sudden the prices of this generation were raised about £10. So most days the RRP of a current generation game (excluding PC and Wii) is either £44.99 or £49.99.  Now Activision, the money grabbing pricks, want to go one further, with today’s announcement that Modern Warfare 2 will be £54.99 RRP in the UK. This equates to about $90, which means that MW2 will cost 1 and a half times more in the UK than it will in America (RRP). Now I can understand that there is the problem of taxes, but you must think I am an uneducated twit if you think that I’m going to believe that tax equates to $30.

Still, in retrospective, it’s not very surprising. It was only a few weeks ago that we found out that the DJ Hero pricing will be over £100. Call Of Duty 4 also did very well over here and the cheapest I’ve seen the game 2 years after it’s release is £25, used. Obviously Activision have seen the opportunity and here we are with a £55 RRP. Now, being the RRP, it’ll still be cheaper to find of course but I know the likes of GAME and Gamestation will sell it for the RRP and blissfully unaware consumers will only be to happy to fork over their £55 to Activision. Finally, what does this mean for the other editions? At this rate the prestige edition will be the same price as a Nintendo Wii, maybe even an Xbox 360 Premium.

I’m being ranty in the end but I’m fucking pissed off at the news. All businesses are out to make money but with Activision having the cheek to do this means that eventually other publishers will follow suit. Still it could be worse. I don’t even want to know what they will charge for the game in Australia.

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