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Founded in 2008 by CEO/Owner Xopher Reed after growing frustrations with a very well known gaming reviews/opinions website that refused to give credit to their contributors. Xopher brought with him fellow disgruntled writers and formed the building blocks of what you see today. Through blood, sweat, and long lonely nights coding, they toiled, some were lost by the wayside, but the strong kept on. Six years later, with a core staff and a growing legion of new writers, contributors, and podcasters, WatchPlayRead is positioning itself to make ‘WPR’ a household name.

The core of our team and headquarters is based in the Salt Lake City area of Utah, with an office and team located in Seattle. One day this will grow to encompass the entire Pacific northwest and eventually the world! We strive to cover all things Pop Culture, Mainstream, Seemingly Irrelevant and Geeky within our own boundaries along with the entire US. Most of the staff in Utah were not born in state, but were transplants who have grown roots in an effort to supplant normal human beings with our own pod people…or are we just a bunch of geeks who prefer the left-coast and more moderate temperatures that being north has to offer? We have many diverse backgrounds, but all share a passion for nerdy things, and we have bonded as a team over that.

The UT staff, much like the WA staff feel that our states have very much to offer to the mainstream conversation; good or bad. We will be reporting about the events going on around us, as well as around the world when it comes to keeping you entertained. We want everyone to feel welcome within WPR!

At our heart we are a community of consumers who love to Watch, Play, and Read everything that we can. We do it on any medium we can get it, and we have no problem with telling you what we think about the products that pass through our hands, ears, and eyeballs.

Our idea of success is supporting all the writers, contributors and community that make this site so great in every way possible. It is through the hard work of the many that have made this site what it is today.

Now you have to ask yourself, “What have you WPR’d lately?” and are you going to let us help you share your voice?