A new Lord of the Rings online game…that’s on a console?!

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An inside tip came my way.  Thanks to a source that shall not be named, information of a new Lord of the Rings game is heading our way.  This game won’t be hitting the market for quite sometime, but you won’t have to prepare your PC for a game with super powered graphics.  This LOTR MMO will be played on a console!

Will The One Ring be an epic piece of equipment in this game?

Will The One Ring be an epic piece of equipment in this game?

Now for those of you out there suspicious to such an idea, you are in the right to be worried as well.  For those of you old enough to remember, Sony Online Entertainment attempted this as well.  You will remember it, or may have simply read about it, as one of the largest failures in gaming history.  Everquest Online Adventures on the PS2.  I will give you time to shriek either aloud or within your head as that travesty is once again remembered.

Now this yet to be named Lord of the Rings MMO may have a chance this time.  With boasts such as the largest virtual world ever created on a console, I wouldn’t count out this game…yet.  The loss of a keyboard and mouse can take away the epic spirit from past famous MMO games such Everquest and World of Warcraft.  But, if the creators stick with action-RPG gameplay than traditional turn based RPG combat, then this game may have more than Frosty the Snowman’s genitalia’s chance in Hell.

So far the game boasts the usual content found in MMO’s.  PvP combat that rewards skilled players with powerful equipment.  Over 600 quests to be finished, which will, supposedly, allow players to choose how to end each either in the name of evil or good.  Eight playable races, with such examples as an elite group of Goblins/Orcs, humans that call the woods home, and a group of evil men who call the Southern Deserts home who constantly battle Gondor and allies of Gondor.  Of course, you can choose whether you serve with the Fellowship of the Ring or among the ranks of The Dark Lord Sauron’s army.

So far, you won’t find me waiting outside for weeks on end as this game’s release date nears.  I will neither hold my breath as this game progresses through the several stages of development nor will I jump for joy as the game’s developer brag about such mundane things that can be found in most free to play online games.  I will do my job as a journalist and monitor this game and report everything I come to learn about this game.  I can’t remain negative about this game forever.  I can, however, stand by my faithful motto.  Hope for the best, ready for the worst.

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