A Brit Late: Resident Evil Degeneration

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Day of release: December 24th 2008
Watched: March 14th 2009

After seeing the abomination that was Resident Evil: Extinction, I was pretty much put off any future movies based off the Resident Evil series. However when I first learnt of Resident Evil: Degeneration, it grabbed my attention because it was actually based within the game’s universe and featured the stars of Resident Evil 2, Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield. That and the promise of zombies persuaded me to watch it. I never got around to it though until the release of Resident Evil 5 when I thought I would watch the animated film to celebrate said game’s release. Would this film surprise me or would it be just another shit video game movie? Hit the jump to find out.

So the film takes place in between RE4 and RE5, with our heroes Leon and Claire being brought together once again by an outbreak of the living dead, this time due to someone being infected and turning into a zombie on a plane heading for the airport that Claire has just arrived at. It’s only later than Leon is brought in to deal with the threat since he’s an expert with these things. There’s also a mysterious guy called Curtis Miller who seems to be the suspect in this new outbreak. Now I hear you asking, why do we have zombies here and not Las Plagas? Well if you remember at the end of RE4 the only sample of Las Plagas left goes to the unnamed third party via Ada although if you’ve played RE5 you might have already figured out who that third party was. Since this outbreak isn’t caused by this third party, the people who caused it only had the T-Virus.

Anyways, my main problem with this film is that for a film centered around zombies, there isn’t an awful lot of them. After about 45 minutes when the film moves on from the airport outbreak, there’s hardly any zombies from that point and even when they do appear, they don’t do much other than moan. It’s not like we even see people being eaten. Another problem which is great for people like for me but bad for non-Resi fans is that this a movie made purely for the fans. I won’t go into detail but let’s just say that apart from the flashback explaining how Claire and Leon know each other, if you don’t know the story of the series then you’ll probably have trouble following the film.

That being said, for a fan like me it was nice to see T and later G-Virus back and even the little things like a cameo from RE4’s Hunnigan. As for the animation, it’s OK. Nothing bad but nothing special either. It’s watchable and that’s the main thing. If you’re some animation whore though then I can only say fuck off you sad twat. In conclusion, it’s a good film but nothing special. One of those films you see once and then don’t watch for years. I’d say watch it only if you’re a fan of the Resident Evil series or if you’re fond of the zombie genre. It’s still miles better than the live action films.

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