4 Episodes In: Romantically Challenged

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One feature I’ve been planning on doing for a couple months is an idea I like to call 4 Episodes In. Basically I have an amazing tolerance for television, I can watch just about anything, with that being said, what I’m going to do is when a new television show comes out I will watch it for at least 4 episodes, then give a review of it and whether or not I will keep watching it or you as the viewer should start or keep watching it. So let’s start with an easy one in Romantically Challenged.

This show has already been canceled and with incredibly good reason. There are four episodes and I just finished the fourth episode and two more which are unaired. Romantically Challenged was an absolutely awful show. It was a multi-camera sitcom with an incredibly annoying laugh track about 4 friends who were unlucky in love, they would meet at their local cafe talk about what they were going to do to change their luck and then have wacky hijinks, then lessons were learned. There were four main characters and I could only see potential in one of them, and she was pretty much the fourth string character. The show tried to put it’s back onto it’s star Alyssa Milano but luckily ABC quickly realized this was one of the worst shows they’ve ever shown and canned it. Ricky Blitt who created the show is someone we should watch out for so that we can intentionally miss his shows, the only funny things he wrote for were early in his career but he most recently wrote for The Jeff Foxworthy Show. So my recommendation, after reading this review forget this show even existed. As will I.

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