Ryan Thomason

Comic Review, Zombies Vs Robots Undercity #1

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What do you get when you take Zombies + Robots + Hilarity + OH GOD THIS WAS AWESOME SCREW THIS EQUATION. Chris Ryall and Mark Torres ‘Thank You’. This comic just delivered for me on so many levels. From the warbots and their hilarious comments to the human characters in the story I had so much fun reading this. Yes, zombies are overplayed, robots too, in cohesion, they rock. The premise of the story is the zombies have taken over, and the president calls for Undercity to be opened. 100 of the “best” the world had left to all live in a city created under the Lincoln Monument.

STORY: 93%
ART: 95%

The story that Ryall steps us through is just well done, yes, this is mostly a “who’s who” introduction of a issue, it’s not too overdone though, and its clearly got the people in the 100 that will be getting the attention in the series. The fights with the robots and zombies were just fun to watch. Especially the robots clearing out the zombie church. Yes there were zombies worshiping god it seemed in a church. And these hilarious Warbots just mowed them the hell down all with great liners. The art by Torres is top notch too, all too often I get annoyed with how people draw human characters, his lines are good and you can tell he probably had a great time drawing the robot/zombie fighting because I found myself flipping back to look at them over and again. This is going to be a great series if you’re into zombies, robots, and the geeky awesomness that combination brings.

Also, Godbots, need I say more?

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