Alan Smithee

$330k For a Non-corporeal Item?

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A player of Entropia Universe Online that goes by the name Buzz Erik Lightyear must have a whole bunch of disposable income that he should be spending macking hoes and smokin blunts while doing donuts in his Ferrari. I say this because the DB actually spend over $300,000 dollars to buy a piece of in-game real-estate.

Here’s the real kicker…the piece of real-estate the guy bought might actually help him recover some of that cost incurred. That’s right, online spec investing at it’s finest.

The item in question is known as the “Crystal Palace” and is a space-station. The role of such a place? It sells other in-game resources to other players (for real cash mind you), from which Mr Lightyear gets a piece of.

I don’t know though, there’s never been any game that I’ve ever considered paying more than $10 for extra content…besides Rock Band and Fallout 3, but those two are worth every penny. $10 is several magnitudes smaller than $330,000, I just wonder how much meth the guy must be selling now that he owns the ‘Crystal(meth) Palace’.

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