30 Days of Night, Night Again #4 Mini Review

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Okay, it’s a comic about vampires that come out in the dark. Not terribly original and while I’m not familiar with the movie or previous comics in the series I still found it mildly entertaining. Issue four wraps up this series with a group of humans holed up in some sort of compound basically waiting for the vamps to come get them. But wait they have a secret weapon they’re not even sure what to do with, a golem. Now thanks to my video game playing I am a fan of golems. They used to be extremely hard to beat in Baldur’s Gate and you can have one on your team in Dragon Age: Origins. I would generally say I am pro-golem so incorporating one into a vampire story was something new and interesting. Apparently they are pretty good against vampires as well, right up there with wood stakes and garlic or in the 30 Days of Night universe right up there with bulldozers and shotguns.

Overall I found the story a bit rushed and the artwork is a bit too cartoonish for my personal taste but I did enjoy the unique take on the golem vampire fighter so give it props for an original take on an unoriginal premise. However, the art and generally lackluster storyline won’t be bringing me back to this franchise.


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