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25 Days of Christmas (Carol): Day 3

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A Christmas Carol (1910)Day 3 brings one of the oldest recorded film adaptations of A Christmas Carol a 1910 silent film version produced by Edison Studios.  Perhaps I spoke too soon about the accelerated pace of yesterday’s Mickey version as this one doesn’t even bother to give real scene transitions and clocks in at just under 11 minutes.  To discern a scene, they simply use one title card and jump right in.  What I found even more surprising is the complete lack of dialog cards, assuming the viewer was familiar with the story beforehand.  Another odd change was the merger of the three ghosts into one, which the movie labels “The Spirit of Christmas”.  Although I love the occasional silent film, I found this version of the story to be a little too sloppy and confusing to be enjoyed today.  However, with its short length, I encourage anyone with a few minutes to spare to give it a shot. I’ve provided the video below.

There’s still 22 more days of Christmas Carol to go, and no version will be turned down (assuming I can find it, of course).  As always, give your picks in the comments below or email me your suggestions.

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