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25 Days of Christmas (Carol): Day 24

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It’s Christmas Eve, time for adaptation 24, and I hit a snag.  I already had plans for the last two days of this experiment (tune in tomorrow to see which version I watch on Christmas!), and today was supposed to be when I went to the theater and saw the newest adaptation of A Christmas Carol.  However, a little blue film from James Cameron has seemingly pushed the movie from every theater surrounding me.  So I had to scramble…fast.  I turned on the TV and looked for any version I could find that I hadn’t watched yet.  A Flintstone Christmas Carol was an option, but it turned out that I had already missed a good portion of the movie.

I never thought these words would escape my mouth, but Martin Lawrence saved me.

Adaptation 24 is episode “Scrooge” from season 5 of the show Martin.  Having never seen the show before this point, this episode sure didn’t convince me to continue to do so.  The show is your typical 90’s sitcom, full of canned laughter and shame.  Maybe its just because the show wasn’t targeted towards me, but I can’t see how this crap could have lasted as long as it did.  As for story it can be summed up as this: Martin Lawrence hates Christmas -> 3 Christmas Ghost -> Martin Lawrences loves Christmas.  Not a whole lot of depth to this one.  There was a surprising little cameo by Jackie Chan though.

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