Ryan Wilson

25 Days of Christmas (Carol): Day 22

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Adaptation 22 is 1988’s comedic take on the Dickens story, Scrooged, starring Bill Murray.  Scrooged can best be described as a movie within a movie, as Murray plays a self centered television executive named Frank Cross working on a live TV version of the story while he himself is being visited by three spirits.  This is definitely not a version for the kiddies, the language, sex jokes, violence, and some pretty scary images (The Ghost of Christmas Future has screaming beings under his robe) may be a little too much for them.  But this is an excellent film, and its obvious director Richard Donner took great care in making sure it was as unique as possible while staying in the confines of the original story.  Bill Murray really shines as a comedian in Scrooged both verbally and physically (Carol Kane as the Ghost of Christmas Presents is quick to take a toaster to his face.)

Do yourself a favor and rent/buy Scrooged this Christmas.  You won’t be disappointed.

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