Ryan Wilson

25 Days of Christmas (Carol): Day 20

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Appropriately, adaptation 20 features our good friend Alastair Sims reprises the role that made him famous twenty years earlier, in 1971’s animated feature A Christmas Carol.  I’m surprised this late into the experiment to make this statement: this is the best adaptation I’ve seen yet.  The animation has a strange feel to it that I found very appealing.  It felt less like a cartoon and more like a piece of moving art.  From its vibrant closeups to its minimalistic scenes of solitude, the film is an absolute treat to watch.  While Sims sounds more than a bit under the weather this time around, he still pulls off a strong, yet not as energetic, performance as Scrooge.

Words are hardly enough to express the joy this version gave me, so I’ve provided a link to the video below for you all to see for yourself.

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