Ryan Wilson

25 Days of Christmas (Carol): Day 19

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Adaptation 19 is Blackadder’s Christmas Carol a one-off TV special taking place between seasons three and four.  Contrary to prior generations of Blackadders, Ebenezer is a kind and generous (but still quite snarky) man from the get go.  In fact, when he’s visited by the Spirit of Christmas, its to congratulate him instead of of convincing him to change his ways.  The ghost makes the mistake of showing him the evils of previous Blackadders, whose lifestyles Ebenezer finds a lot more fun.  Ebenezer wakes up a changed man, insulting everyone he meets.

Its a pity that Blackadder is a series that has been mostly unnoticed in the United States, as it is easily Rowan Atkinson’s best role.  Those only familiar with his heavily physical character, Mr. Bean, will be pleased to find he has the wit to match.

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