Ryan Wilson

25 Days of Christmas (Carol): Day 16

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Animaniacs: A Christmas PlotzToday, I look back at my childhood with adaptation 16, A Christmas Plotz, an episode of Animaniacs that aired when I was only six years old.  With a WB executive taking the Scrooge role and the Warner children taking on the three ghosts.  The episode is full of musical numbers, self-aware puns, and not so subtle adult humor that I’m surprised to this day made it past the censors.  Finally, another cartoon adaptation that does more than just piss me off.  Sure it follows the story in the lightest way possible, but I don’t seem to mind this time.  Animaniacs was known for parodying stories, and often breaks the fourth wall to let us know about it.  Overall, this adaptation renewed my faith that I will ever be able to enjoy another adaptation after this experiment is through.

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