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25 Days of Christmas (Carol): Day 10

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A Sesame Street Christmas CarolAdaptation 10 brings us to a familiar childhood place, Sesame Street, in A Sesame Street Christmas Carol.  The Jim Henson Company has been responsible for the Holy Grail of Christmas Carols, The Muppet Christmas Carol, so I had extremely high hopes for this one.  It’s just too bad my hopes were shattered.

Sesame Street’s 2006 direct-to-DVD release is one of the laziest cash-in attempts I have ever seen.  Related to the original story in the most basic way possible (guy hates Christmas, sees three ghosts), the film is reduced to nothing more than a clip show of previous Christmas specials: Elmo Saves Christmas, Elmo’s World: Happy Holidays, and Christmas Eve on Sesame Street, spliced in with brief segments between Oscar the Grouch and some very awkward looking CG ghosts.  Tim Curry’s role as narrator seemed out of place talking about such cheery things.  The man could talk about puppies playing in pillowy mounds of cotton candy and somehow come off as sinister.

Even if you haven’t seen any of the previous Christmas specials (shut up, Elmo Saves Christmas was pretty awesome), I’d still recommend you’d stay away, as the segments chosen in this clip show are so out of place.  There’s no bigger example of this than the placement of a Hanukkah and Kwanzaa segment in the film.  While normally I’d have no problem with this, placing them in a Christmas specific special was just unnecessary.  If you’ve got a toddler screaming for Elmo, save yourself the trouble and pick up one of the older specials instead.

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