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MWN Discusses: Dante’s Inferno not Being Released in the Middle East

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We had a few great games coming out last week, but for me, THE game to get was Dante’s Inferno. We caught wind of the game not being sold in the Middle East. This raises a couple of poignant questions.

1) Are they afraid of offending Muslim people because it’s a story of a guy going to hell to fight Satan?
2) Did the game developers include Muhammad in the game (Who was residing in the 8th Circle of Hell in Dante’s poem)?


I’m guessing that for both answers it should be no…because it would show a whole bunch of ignorance on the part of the developers. If they’re afraid of offending people, they should be afraid for everyone, not just the Muslim people. Also, the Islamic religion believes in a hell and a satan too guys. We tend to forget that Islam shares roots with Christianity and Judaism. What say you all? What’s your take on this news of holding off on publishing a game in the middle-east?


I don’t mind EA doing this, as the game will probably get banned anyways so it saves them time and effort.

I think it’s more of an example when your church and state are so intertwined that one effects the other. For some reason, followers of Islam takes incredible offense to anyone or anything that portrays anything Islam-related as something other than an absolute truth. Like offended to the point of, “JIHAD ON THEIR ASSES!!!” Over a video game. Sigh.

It’s the same thought process that TV networks say, “Advertisements that shove sexuality at the viewer is completely ok to put on national television, but anything that suggests violence, even fantasy violence, should be shunned at all cost.”

I think it’s stupid for any government to ban a piece of fiction, whether book, game or movie, from their populace. Taking the decision out of the consumer’s hands is wrong. The decision to purchase a game and play it is a choice that all adults should make on their own. If their beliefs are as strong as the leaders proclaim, than the game is just a fun piece of entertainment. Now that they have banned it, many young islamic followers could be wondering, “What is so bad about this game that they banned it?”

To sum up, I think it’s stupid and wrong. Same as all the shit that the Australian government pulls.


think it is pretty lamesauce to do, but given the volatility in the region and the fact that even if they TRIED to publish there, the games were surefire going to get banned by the state govts in control, it’s a moot point that they decided to just ignore the Middle East. Unless governments there relax their control over the populace, their gamers are going to suffer from missing out on tons of cool games because developers would rather not have to battle over selling games their when they have the whole rest of the world that will easily gobble the games up to make up for the profit loss.


Regardless of all this banning talk, let’s look at it from a business perspective. Is the outcome of risk vs reward worth it?

By publishing in the middle east, EA risks government lashback with possible ramifications down the road. Though I agree that this shouldn’t be an issue in the first place, the issue still remains, and therefore EA has to look at both short term and long term consequences. Sure they can publish Dante’s Inferno, but are the sales (the reward) going to be worth the possiblity of angering some middle eastern governments (the risk)? Though I’m sure that some middle eastern gamers would purchase Dante’s Inferno, there is also the possibility that other gamers will be offended and decide to boycott EA games.

Unfortunately, the fact remains that religion, not reason, is the governing force in the middle east. This makes EA’s decision to not sell in the middle east a tough, but correct call.

Xopher Reed

If people look closer, they’ll see that I never said ban, but not releasing. That should put things in perspective. King3vbo sees my argument as being a religion should have nothing to do with a game’s release, but alas that’s the world we live in…and will live in for a long time to come.

Ryan Wilson

Well, figuring Dante’s Inferno features mass unbaptized baby killing and rivers of excrement, I’m sure they aren’t worried about “political correctness”. Unfortunately there are areas in the world where violent zealots reign supreme, and media will always suffer from it in those certain areas. I think EA sees there is simply no point marketing in such areas in their current states, and rightfully so.

Xopher Reed

After playing the demo…I can see why they’re not going to be releasing this game in certain countries in the middle east…the first few minutes features you playing a catholic warrior during The Crusades. That’s still a sore subject for many of those countries I’m sure.

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