11 years after Diablo II, Diablo III Public Beta begins

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Loot or something right? If you’ve still been waiting for this game despite Torchlight and the like coming out between it and Diablo II, then you may just have gotten into the public beta. It doesn’t look like there’s any priority to who gets sent an invite, but one way of finding out is checking the email of your Battle.net account (After you’ve sent your bank account details to those Nigerian princes). Otherwise, you can check your account on the Battle.net website and if you got in then well, you’ll know about it. You can your interest if you so wish in the beta profile settings area.

According to 1UP, the beta will let you play through the entire first act as any of the game’s five classes online or on your own (Remember, you’ll need a persistent Internet connection). More invites will sent out in time and the game itself will be out whenever Blizzard finally decides to.

Source: 1UP

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